This kit is being used for a lot more than a universal windshield washer kit. One guy is using one as a chemical pump to circulate some kind of chemical in an experiment.. It can be used as a motor home rv radiator water misting mister to cool the radiators, or to cool transmission oil coolers. From what I see on the internet, I think it would work fine as a mister to cool a RV or off road Transmission oil cooler when under a heavy load.. I saw a guy using  a kit like mine to cool his turbo charged motor manifold and another to spray chemicals on his tires of a  drag car and of course it can be used as a motorcycle mister. I have a email friend that is experimenting with a kit for a mister system for his off road jeep. This kit can be used as a mister for several applications.
Comments on this kit "Looks great" "Nice product" "Small nice unit" "5 Star windshield washer" "Works Great AAA+++" "A+" "Great product" "Very good" "Great value" "A OK" "Seller courteous and polite" "As described, A+" "Good product" "Excellent customer Service"

  This heavy duty  windshield washer kit has a universal design to fit most all needs. It can be used as a  replacement for most vehicles or for custom applications. The reservoir, pump, motor, and the components with this kit are of high quality, and I can assure you of satisfactory performance.

     This kit comes with everything that you will need for a professional looking job. The tank is high quality, the motor and pump are built on the reservoir for an easy installation. The kit has two water blasting duel jet nozzles, that will get the job done.

     The installation is simple, but does require basic mechanical and electrical knowledge.

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$24.95 + $5 shipping
Sales in USA only
Dimensions are D4*W5*H8
Do you need just the reservoir with the pump, buy it now for $20
Free Trust Seal
Buy it and try it, if it doesn't work for you, send it back. Simple
Contact:  Butch@Wetstorm.com
This kit is very universal
I'll include wiring and tubing
I can sell two complete kits for $40. Shipping cost me the same for two kits as one.
I can sell a box of 36 complete kits for $540 ($15 EA)
I have sold several kits to garages, custom, and rod shops across the country
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